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Wearing Memories Wine Merchants is the importer and distributor of luxury beverages. All of our beverages are personally picked by sommelier, Kiron Barui. As well as being a designer of the beautiful jewelry range, Kiron is also an accredited WSET 3 trained sommelier.

We selectively import lifestyle beverages including champagne and prosecco that are ideal for weddings and functions. ​Kiron's love is to design and blend beverages for the female palate.

At WMWM, we believe that great wines should be an experience for everyone. While we take pride in catering to the discerning female palate, our carefully chosen beverages can be enjoyed by all. Kiron's meticulous research has revealed intriguing differences in preferences between men and women when it comes to drinks. This insight has inspired us to create a range specifically designed to delight the female taste buds.
When you choose a beverage from our exclusive WMWM range, you can be confident that every sip will be a memorable one. We meticulously import lifestyle beverages, including Champagne, prosecco, and wine, that are perfectly suited for weddings, functions, and any occasion that calls for celebration.
Discover the art of fine wine with WMWM, where every bottle tells a unique story and tantalizes your senses.


Please visit my profile on LinkedIn.

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