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The winery of Royal Riviera stands as a testament to elegance and exquisite taste. As the exclusive licensee of the Monaco Palace, Royal Riviera has expanded its presence across Monaco, France, Italy, and the USA, offering its distinguished Brut Supreme at select locations including Nice airport and through EGP Fine Yacht Supplier. Crafted by the skilled Maitre de Chais at Charles Collin's house, our Brut Supreme is a harmonious blend of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay grapes, aged meticulously for 2 years on lees and perfected with a balanced dosage of 9g/L. Adorned with a distinctive turquoise blue label, each bottle of Royal Riviera not only embodies exceptional quality but also narrates the storied lifestyle of Monte Carlo. Indulge in the taste of liquid gold and elevate your experience with the essence of the Royal Riviera lifestyle. 

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Royal Riviera Brut
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