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Tasting Comments

The visual allure of this wine is manifested in its watermelon pink hue, setting the stage for an enchanting sensory experience. The aromatic profile is a captivating tapestry, weaving together an exotic blend of scents that traverse the floral and tropical fruit spectrum. Pink flowers impart a delicate floral note, while the enticing fragrance of lychees adds a touch of the tropics, harmonizing seamlessly with the subtle musk undertones. Upon the palate, the wine unfolds as a light and lively symphony of flavours. The presence of strawberry gelato provides a delightful sweetness, complemented by the nuanced essence of musk and an array of tropical fruit notes.


A hint of sherbet fizz adds a playful and effervescent quality, enhancing the overall vibrancy of the wine. The mid-palate delicately balances the sweetness, offering a subtly sweet interlude before transitioning to a crisp and refreshing finish. This wine is a harmonious blend of visual allure, aromatic complexity, and a palate journey that culminates in a refreshing and satisfying conclusion.

Bella Eve Bubbly Pink Moscato (2 or 6 Bottles)

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