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Champagne Royal Riviera is renowned for its exquisite Brut champagne, a hallmark of elegance and quality in the world of sparkling wines. Crafted in the heart of the Champagne region in France, this prestigious winery blends traditional expertise with modern techniques to produce a champagne that epitomizes finesse and sophistication.


The Brut champagne from Champagne Royal Riviera is characterized by its crisp acidity, delicate bubbles, and a harmonious balance of citrus and floral notes, making it a favorite among connoisseurs and celebrants alike. Perfect for toasting special occasions or enjoying as an aperitif, Champagne Royal Riviera's Brut exemplifies the artistry and dedication that define the champagne-making tradition of this esteemed winery.


"The Chardonnay awakens a pleasantly distinguished floral bouquet, with delicate citrus aromas. The Pinot Meunier brings roundness to the blend, offering its fruity notes. The balance of varietals in this authentic Champagne allows effortless wine pairings with most, if not all, dishes and will take you from "caviar to cupcakes."

Champagne Royal Riviera Brut x 6

SKU: 0002
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