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One of our newest and proudest WMWM imports, Chateau Maine Gazin is a 7.5Ha property located in the northern Bordeaux wine region. Awarded producers of artisan Rosé and Red wines within the small ancient village of Plassac.

Rich limestone/ clay soils combine with the moderating influences of the Gironde to provide excellent terroir for red wine production.

The family is determined to make the best-quality wines and present them to the market only when they are ready to have the cork pulled. We see the future in using organic practices for the vineyard and winemaking.

From the sun-kissed shores of Bondi Beach to the enchanting vineyards of the Bordeaux region, Geoff and Marion couldn't shake the desire for a rustic adventure in their retirement. With a background in farming and a stint in a vineyard project in Pemberton, South West Australia, their sights were set on France. The quest began in the scenic landscapes of southeastern France in September 2014, meandering west and north of Bordeaux until they stumbled upon the captivating Chateau Maine Gazin. The breathtaking view through the vines overlooking the Gironde river sealed the deal, and by April 2015, they were proud owners of their winemaking haven.

While the beach holds a special place in their hearts, their dream has now embraced the allure of crafting exceptional wines in a truly extraordinary setting.

It was known Maine Gazin had very special terroir; the soil limestone clay mix, sloping south to north and the moderating influence of the Gironde. However, the vineyard had developed in an ad-hoc way over the generations. The advice was to replant vines to modern standards. Re-planting was completed in 2016.

It was a difficult and expensive decision and a real back to basics learning of all processes of viticulture.

It was a difficult and expensive decision and a real back to basics learning of all processes of viticulture.

The 268 rows at 2 metre spacings run north-south and are grown with a high canopy to allow the full sun exposure.

Merlot is the predominant grape variety in Bordeaux wine, particularly on the right bank of the Gironde River. Merlot represents 64% of the vineyard. Petit Verdot @ 19% and Cabernet Franc @ 17% form the balance of vines.

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