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Meet the Team - Jazz Barui

Hello! My name is Jazz, and I am the marketing manager for Wearing Memories Wine Merchants.

My journey with the company started long before I ever officially worked within the WM team. I had the privilege of watching WMWM from the very beginning. I was there to watch my mum go through her WSET levels and at trade shows when we were first starting out. I got my RSA the moment I could so I could help her at tastings and events. I grew up in the wine business and fell in love with my mum’s vision for WMWM every step of the way. I knew from about 15 that I wanted to work in the family business.

I have recently been studying for my WSET 2, which has been a rewarding process. All of my wine knowledge came from incidental exposure and informal learning through working with mum growing up and being around so much wine. Getting to study the science of winemaking now formally has been truly exciting!

It has always been such an exciting, fun space to work in (I mean… who doesn’t smile when they say the word ‘bubbles’?), but gaining a greater appreciation for the art that is winemaking has taken my love of the business to another level.

A favourite of mine from our portfolio is the Villa Mangiacane Chianti Classico. I don’t think anyone could ever get sick of drinking that wine! It tastes like Italy in a bottle.

I am so looking forward to helping the business grow and sharing the journey with you all every step of the way!

We are also REALLY excited to share all of our new imports with you all, so stay tuned on our social media for when they drop 😉

Kisses and Cheers! 🥂

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