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MEET THE TEAM - Teri Wheeler

My name is Teri Wheeler, and I've been a part of the WMWM team now for just over six months. My passion for the wine industry began when I was 19, and since then, I've dedicated my career to it.


Currently, I serve as the Relations Manager at Wearing Memories Wine Merchant, focusing on forging and nurturing business partnerships for our women-run company to promote collaboration and mutual growth within the industry.


I've recently returned from an great two-year stay in the Netherlands. During my time there, I explored many European wine regions, shared my knowledge by teaching WSET courses in Amsterdam, and offered my expertise as a consultant to wine bars across the country. This period also marked the beginning of my journey into wine writing, of which I deeply enjoy giving, the opportunity to connect with fellow wine enthusiasts and sharing stories from the around the wine world.


Empowering women in the wine industry and providing them with a platform to display their capabilities is a cause I'm deeply passionate about and a cause that Wearing Memories Wine Merchants mirrors.


In my personal time, I love to cook, spending days at the beach, going to hot yoga and pilates, playing with my puppy border collie, and spending time my Dutch fiancé.


Working at Wearing Memories Wine Merchants is an experience I value deeply. It's a place of female empowerment and support, where we all uplift each other through our diverse experiences in the wine sector.


Among my favourite wines, those from Italy hold a special place in my heart, particularly the Villa Mangiacane Chianti Classico from our Wearing Memories portfolio!

I’m looking forward to regularly sharing my wine experiences on our platform, within the sisterhood of Wearing Memories Wine Merchants!

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