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Wine Stars | The Wine International Association

We are thrilled to announce and congratulate our very own Champagne Sister Teri for being nominated as a Wine Star in the Netherlands! What's more, she will also be featured as one of their Women in Wine Leaders.

The Wine International Association was born of a passion, we are committed to building the world’s largest and finest B2B wine community. The Wine International Association (WIA) is established to play a constructive role in further developing networking and commerce in the wine sector around the world. We are committed to building a meaningful and fine wine community by connecting wine leaders, professionals, business and organizations. We are culturally curious and passionately engaged in the world of wine.

Today, the Wine International Association reaches wine businesses, professionals and enthusiasts from 180 countries. We welcome members of all nationalities. As international wine trade sets new all-time highs, more people turn to us to expand their wine business networks and promote their great products and activities around the world of wine.

Teri has also been invited to nominate some of her favourite wineries for the Winery Star Guide awards!

The WINERY STAR GUIDE Award represents the voice of Wine Leaders. This accomplishment speaks to the high standards, passion and dedication of local wineries in making great wines. Wine Leaders award their favorite winemakers so that wineries can amplify their story around the world and grow in a meaningful and distinguished manner.

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